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Medical students, GPs, specialist consultants and nurses all use Indextra in their daily clinical work. These are their words about the Indextra library.

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Robert Lundin

Indextra provides added confidence to those starting a new rotation

The ability to instantly look up a definition or topic I need, on the spot is the best thing about Indextra. It also provides added confidence to those starting a new rotation, as they know they always have a library of information available at their fingertips.

  • Indextra is a great resource that offers validated information that is readily accessible and covers a broad range of subjects. This is important to me, especially as I work in a time pressured environment

    Geeta Agnihotri

  • I especially like the availability of point-of-care questioning, which helps me to resolve any clinical questions as they come to me during my day at work.

    Hans Luijten

  • Indextra is a great app, as it puts all the essential medical resources I need together in one easy-to-use place. It is like having a library in my pocket! Anything I need, I just search and get the results instantly.

    Farhan Shadid

  • Indextra allows me to access evidence based and easily accessible information while I’m with my patients. The information is always easy to access.

    Farooq Qureshi

  • Having your medical resources in your pocket when you only have a few minutes to look things up is invaluable, not just within OB GYN but also when I need to check things across other specialties.

    Helena Graflund Lagercrantz

  • The best thing about Indextra is that a whole reference library is available at the touch of a button. My shelves are now redundant!

    Titus Adams

  • Indextra is simply a great tool for your daily clinical practice!

    Michael Swash

  • Indextra has solved so many problems for me; the main one is getting the right, validated information I need quickly, to answer specific and often complicated questions in my everyday clinical practice

    George Georgantidis

  • I started using Indextra in the first weeks of my job as a junior doctor, and it’s been in my pocket ever since. Whatever the issue is, it takes only a few seconds to look up. Whether it’s to quickly refresh my memory of an obscure diagnosis, or just do some extra reading on the go.

    Dawid Hubert

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